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CHEFS CHOICE SOUP OF THE DAY                                                   £3.25
Served with Crusty Bread                                                                                            

                                                £4.25                               Garnished with Salad and served with Warm Toast

A SALAD OF PEELED PRAWNS                                                           £4.95

Served traditionally with Marie Rose Sauce

FRESH MUSHROOMS                                                                             £4.25
Braised in a rich Garlic Sauce and topped with Melted Cheese

DEVILLED WHITEBAIT                                                                         £4.45
Served on a Bed of Leaves with Tartar Sauce

FRESH MELON AND ORANGE COCKTAIL                                       £3.65
Garnished with Strawberries and Kiwi Fruit laced with Fonseca Port

KING PRAWNS                                                                                         £7.50
Sautéed in Chef's special Café d' paris Butter served with Crusty Bread                                                              
ROAST PORK FILLET                                                                           £15.95                               Garnished with caramelised Ginger served with light Lemon and
Coriander Sauce laced with Armagnac

SAUTÉED LAMB NOISETTES                                                              £14.50

Set on a fresh Tomato Fondue lazed with a rich Cream Thyme Butter

PAN FRIED ENTRECOTE STEAK                                                       £13.95
Lightly braised in Chef's own recipe Red Pepper Sauce

A TRIO OF FILLET STEAK MIGNONS                                               £15.95
Accompanied with peppered Tomato Concasse and Diane Sauces

DIJON GLAZED CHICKEN BREAST                                                  £12.95
Sautéed with Shallots and Mushrooms finished with a White Wine
Cream Sauce

GRILLED ABERDEEN FILLET STEAK                                              £15.95
Served with a creamy Mushroom, Shallot, French Mustard
and Red Wine Jus finished with Cognac                                                              
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