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EuroDebt is a specialist and independent fee charging Debt Management Company that has offered Debt Adjustment and Full & Final negotiation services since 1996 and has been operating Debt Management Plans since 2000.

A wealth of Debt Management experience

We are currently helping over 18,250* people with serious debt problems relating to over 150,000 active payment plans with over 3,700 creditors, including all the major banks and credit card issuers, amounting to over �450 million of unsecured debts. Since 2000 we have negotiated with lenders on over 300,000 individual credit agreements to establish reduced payment arrangements.

On average a EuroDebt client stays on their Debt Management Plan for 57 months*. This demonstrates that we have an excellent record of our clients maintaining their plans and consistently making creditor payments. This is important for most creditors because it means they will continue to freeze interest & charges and agree to full & final settlements if your circumstances materially change. For many clients a Debt Management Plan is appropriate as a transitional programme where adverse personal or household circumstances create major reductions in household income or increases in expenditure. Entering a EuroDebt plan demonstrates to your creditors that you are taking a responsible attitude to your financial affairs until you can resume paying contractual commitments or settle your debts.

Industry Knowledge

Our senior management team have held executive roles in a number of leading credit granting and credit services organisations, including, leading banks, mortgage providers, credit reference agencies, debt collection agencies and with industry bodies. Understanding how the credit industry operates is very important in representing our clients with unmanageable debt problems.

National Network

EuroDebt has over 100 trained and experienced Advisors that visit prospective clients in the privacy of their own home. The Advisors are supported by over 150* office based client support staff, whose primary focus is to ensure the Debt Management Services are professional and personally delivered to our clients. We have recently invested in state-of-the-art new offices in Bedford with additional capacity for growth.

No Re-financing

We do not introduce or broker any re-financing services and our policy is not to encourage people in unmanageable debt situations to borrow more money. We will, however, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of re-financing if this remains a viable option, based upon a client's individual or household circumstances.

A very personal service

In September 2006 and October 2007 we surveyed over 3,800 clients and the average score for our overall service performance was "Very Satisfied" with a 21% return rate. All our new clients are now surveyed 6 months after they sign their Debt Management Agreement and start their Single Payment Plan. Since July 2007, 73% of the clients that responded confirmed that they would recommend someone in similar financial circumstances to EuroDebt.

* Accurate at April 2008


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