Is the sun's heat and glare making your conservatory unusable in the summer and fading your furnishings?

Is your conservatory too cold in the winter?

Exceptional Performance
Sentry Solar Inserts help make conservatories cool and comfortable in summer, and warmer in winter, enabling you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.
They eliminate, by reflection, up to 80% of the sun's heat before it can enter the conservatory or room, resulting in dramatic reductions in summer temperatures and glare, and protection against fading

Sentry Solar Inserts offers the most effective and practical solution available for cutting summer heat and glare, and improving winter insulation.

Their performance far surpasses that of the best internal blinds which are relatively ineffective because the sun's heat is already inside the conservatory.   Where temperatures, for example, would normally have risen to 128ºF (54ºC), reductions of up to 45ºF(27ºC) have been achieved - see graph at bottom of page for comparison.

Solar Inserts are made from polymer films of the highest optical clarity which contain finely divided
metals and metal oxides.  These transmit or reflect chosen wavelengths of light and heat to selectively
reduce heat and glare and allow light to enter, protect against fading and to give high performance
winter insulation.

The cause of high temperatures in most conservatories is the high summer sun shining through the roof.  Up to 80% of the sun's heat enters in this way.

In winter, whilst the warmth of the sun is welcome, it is lower in the sky and shines through the side window.  Conservatories are comfortable as long as temperatures are kept generally below 84ºF (28ºC) in summer and above 64ºF(18ºC) in winter.  These temperatures are boundaries between comfort and discomfort.  If temperatures are above or below this range, even by a small amount, the conservatory is unusable.

On clear, bright days in summer it is normally necessary to eliminate 65% of the sun's heat to provide comfort. Unfortunately, the best conservatory blinds exclude only 55% - 60% which is inadequate. This is simply because with a blind the heat is already inside the conservatory.   Inserts are able to exclude up to 80% of the heat which far surpasses the performance of blinds, because they stop the sun's heat before it enters.  The graph at the bottom of the page shows how the heat reflectors help control high summer and low winter termperatures.

Solar Inserts can be fitted inside the hollow centre section of any existing polycarbonate or plastic roof next to its upper/outer surface.

They work by reflecting up to 80% of the sun's heat before it can enter the conservatory or room, to make it cooler, cut glare and protect against fading.  In winter heat loss is reduced by up to 30% - 50%, according to application.

Installation: It is not necessary to enter the house or remove furniture when installing solar inserts.  The fascia board and end caps are simply removed to allow the solar inserts to be pushed into the hollow roof section adjacent to the gutter.  The roof is not disturbed in any way.

There is no limitation to the length or size of roof section that can be fitted.  Solar Inserts are supplied in rolls which are light and easy to use.  The inserts are unrolled, cut to size and then directly inserted into the roof, as shown at the top of the page.

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