We are looking for...
If you are aged from 8 years or a teenager or adult
And you want to perform on stage
surrounded by friendly people and assisted by
professionals, do not hesitate, you are in the right place
The SCADCO is a club for performers and lovers of theatrical Arts. We include three age ranges:
Juniors: 8yrs - 12 Seniors: 13yrs - 18 Adults: 19 onwards.
We will present a number of shows including "Two in one" which is, as in the past, composed of an adaption of a ballet and a modern and tap show piece; a pantomine will be in spring followed by a Summer Spectacular. In autumn a play or musical play will be presented for those who do not dance and have a strong vocation for Dramatic Arts. In summertime, a special workshop for all our performers will be available at a date which will be specified in due course.

As you can see, a vast opportunity is offered to all would be performers.
There is a great open door for some men and women to work back stage. We need a Press officer and people with advertising experience together with assistance in the Box office. There are also opportunities as back stage crew: Painters and a lighting designer. Experience is not necessary as training will be given.
Dancers and Actors for our future shows
TEL: 01202 301053
Under the direction of Georges Renggli (BA) L'ecole du drame Paris
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