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All productions will be self supporting i.e. Lighting-sound-decors-costumes-hall hire for rehearsals and productions-licences.
In order to finance these productions, we have to implement a system of membership.

All new members must audition.

As fund raising: we offer a privileges card for family and friends and supporters of our club...

Dancers and Actors for our future shows
further details
For more information please contact Georges or Cecilia
TEL: 01202 301053
TEL: 01202 301053
Under the direction of Georges Renggli (BA) L'ecole du drame Paris
Juniors come and make yourself known every Friday between 4pm and 4.30pm. Seniors and Adults on
Thursdays at 8pm
Received his Diploma in Drama from the "Ecole du drame" in Paris (F) in 1949 then received his music diploma from the "Paris Conservatoir de Musique" in 1950. He has played many classical roles in classical Greek and western drama. After several years, he decided to use his talents in music and played in different orchestras in USA, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy, where he became a well known artist in Radio and Television also backing many Italian singers.
Classical dance for him has always been a passion. This is a reason why he decided to create an amateur dance club, to provide young performers the opportunity to be on stage.

Was born in Crayford Essex and graduated in dance at the Doreen Bird School of Theatre Dance. She performed as a an actress in many productions from pantomime to drama and musicals such as "Boing Boing" -- "Salad Days" -- "The King and I" --"The Boyfriend" and more. She joined an Italian dance company and performed in Switzerland, France and Italy where she also performed and choreographed in several shows at the RAI Television of Milan and Roma.
Cecilia continues to combine teaching and choreography at her own school and for Stair Case Amateur Dance Co.
Artistic and Theatrical Background of the Tutors
Georges Reneggli (BA) (Phil)
Cecilia Clemas (AISTD)
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