Tropical Fish Liquid solar Blanket can be used on all pools, indoors and outdoors, any size, any shape.
1 Fish lasts approximately one month and covers up to 37m2 (400Ft2). If the pool is larger use additional fish.

Tropical Fish
contains a chemical called Heatsavr which has been used commercially for over 12 years in North America.
Tropical Fish does not affect the chemical balance of a pool or have any effect on the filter (any type).

The liquid is transparent, odourless and biogradable.It will not damage Vinyl Liners or any other pool surface.

Tropical Fish
contains Heatsavr, a liquid which automatically floats to the surface of the pool and acts as an evaporation inhibitor as does a traditional pool cover except that it is much easier to use and works 24 hours a day. Swimmers will not even notice it is in use. It is 100% safe for swimmers and animals.

Evaporation accounts for up to 90% of heat loss from a swimming pool, Tropical Fish reduces evaporation by up to 50% and heat loss from the pool by up to 40%

Heating bills are significantly reduced and dehumidifiers run for shorter periods.

Tropical Fish
could not be easier to use -- simply cut the fin where indicated and put the fish in the pool.
Tropical Fish
will do the rest.
                                                                               VAT   @  17.5%        Total
List Price Ex-works 1 x Tropical Fish                    £12.77       £2.23        £15.00
Mail Order Pack 3 x Tropical Fish @ £12.77/fish   £38.31       £6.69        £45.00

Postage & Packing                                                 £3.40       £0.60         £4.00
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